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Enclosed are reminders that might help avoid problems.

1. WHEN YOU GET APPOINTED, you must refile for prior service (even if you have none or filed as a PPT or CPT) to get an EQUATED DATE. Otherwise, your steps and pay will be incorrect (You will only move 1 step per year.) When you get your BA + 30, Master's degree, etc. file for your differential immediately. If done within 90 days, your pay increase will be retroactive to the day you were first eligible. Otherwise, it will be from the day the Bd. of Ed. receives your application. Within 2 years of being appointed, you must complete 6 credits in special education and a human relations course. 

2. CERTIFICATION/LICENSING: For info, call 212-598-9541 on Monday from 3:30-6:00 or Tues. & Thurs. 10:00-6:00 or email TEACHERLINE@aol.com 

3. WHENEVER YOU CHANGE ADDRESSES OR GET A NEW DEPENDENT, fill out all the necessary forms (see your chapter leader) otherwise your drug card, NYSUT paper, etc will be affected. Notify UFT membership dept, NYSUT, TRS or BERS. 

4. CLASS SIZE: Every kindergarten and MIS IV class must have a full time educational assistant in addition to any health paraprofessionals assigned. Grades 1 to 3 must have 1/2 educational assistant (plus any health paraprofessionals) if the cap is exceeded. Class size in grades 1-3 may not exceed 28 if classroom space is available unless there is a joint decision made by affected teachers & principal. If they are unable to agree on appropriate alternatives, a new class or classes must be formed. It would also be a violation to have class sizes of for example 33, 28, 28, 26 etc. Class sizes must be equalized. All you will have to do is keep your chapter leader informed if there is a change in your register. You must inform the chapter leader immediately as time is of the essence. 

5. CONSULTATION COMMITTEE: The consultation committee members are selected by the chapter leader. They are NOT selected by the principal. The committee meets once a month with the Principal. Staff members should bring concerns, which they were unable to resolve, to a committee rep. and they will be addressed at the monthly meeting. When agreements are reached between the consultation committee/chapter leader and the principal as per directives from the Board of Ed. etc., the agreements reached shall be in writing, signed, and distributed. No signed copy means no agreement has been reached! 

6. Familiarize yourself with the contract. A grievance is different from a complaint. A grievance is a violation of a specific Article in our contract. 

(For educational assistants, a grievance can be about any condition of your employment.) First try to resolve it with your supervisor. If unsuccessful, see your chapter leader. 

7. CONTRACT BOOKS: Call 718-852-4900 if you never received a contract book. 

8.DISCIPLINE POLICY: Every staff member and student must receive a copy of the discipline policy with an accompanying letter. The tear off is to be signed by a parent, returned, and kept in the student's record folder. If it is not returned within 2 weeks, let your chapter leader know the names of those students. The administration should then mail a second copy. 

9. EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANTS:There is NO Career Ladder released time for the summer session. If you work for the Bd. of Ed. in the summer, you will not get the summer stipend. 

10. EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANTS who become teachers must reapply for medical benefits. 

11. FACULTY CONFERENCE AGENDAS are to be set in consultation with the UFT chapter committee. Please put in writing, in advance, items you want discussed and give them to the chapter leader or a Consultation Rep. 

12. FILES: Check your file at least once a year. 

13. ANYONE RETURNING FROM BEING OFF PAYROLL should call HIP/GHI/ etc. to see if you are covered once you are placed on payroll again. 

14. HOSPITAL USAGE: If admitted to a hospital, you will be billed $200. If you use the hospital emergency room and are not admitted you will be charged $25 if it is an emergency. A medical emergency is a sudden, unexpected onset of a medical condition where immediate care is necessary to prevent what could reasonably be expected to result in either placing your life in jeopardy or serious impairment to your bodily functions. If it is not an emergency, you will pay for use of the room. 

15. INCIDENTS: Report all school related incidents of any importance whatsoever to your chapter leader as well as to the principal. They MUST then be reported by the chapter leader to the UFT Safety Dept. and by the principal to the Office of School Safety. INFORM YOUR CHAPTER LEADER WHEN A STUDENT IS SUSPENDED. 

16. MEDICAL: If you did not receive a UFT drug card call the UFT. If you did not receive a GHI or HIP card call the Board of Ed. at 718-935-2312. If you do not have a health plan enrollment card and you have an emergency, immediately call the carrier(numbers are in the NYSUT calendar). Give them your social security number and if you're in the computer, the carrier can alert the doctor. If you are not in the computer, bring a copy of your EB95 to the UFT borough office and give it to the rep. handling health coverage problems. New employees should call to make sure the Board has informed HIP/GHI etc. 

17. NEW STAFF MEMBERS should see the chapter leader for information on health, pension, salary, and other benefits. See Chapter leader as soon as possible. 

18. PAY PROBLEMS: See payroll secretary, chapter leader and/or a UFT salary staffer at the UFT office. Based upon past experience, I recommend that salary grievances be filed if the problem has not been rectified within 6 weeks. 

19. PENSION:PPTs or CPTs who have joined BERS can also participate in BERS (Board of Ed.) TDA. For more info call 718-935-4142. If you have not joined a pension system, see your chapter leader. 

20. PER SESSION: For most staff, you get 1 day's per session hours added to your C.A.R. for every 20 per session days worked. There are some exceptions i.e. secretaries must work 20 CONSECUTIVE days to get it. Ask per session secretary/supervisor to fill out and sign DHR/OP175S PER SESSION UNUSED SICK TIME TRANSFER FORM. 

21. WHEN YOU MISS A PREP., hand in to your supervisor a form (see the chapter leader) and get the bottom receipt part signed IMMEDIATELY. 


Missed preps are paid at the end of the following month. i.e. Preps missed in Sept are paid on Oct 31 check. If you have not been paid for a missed prep, come to the chapter leader when payment was due, not 5 months later, and BRING YOUR RECEIPT!! 

22.REORGANIZATION: You have 2 school days to file expedited grievances if the following apply: 1) You are again in the bottom half of the grade (7C1f.1) 2) You did not get the grade level or assignment that you requested on your preference sheet (7C1c), in the order you selected. 3) You did not receive an applied for OTP position (7C2a;7C2b;7C2c) 

23. RETIREMENT SYSTEMS: TRS 212-442-5570 BERS 718-935-2317 

24. SAFETY: Staff members are entitled to look at the safety plan. ALL visitors must have an office pass. If someone comes to your room without a pass, inform the office and your chapter rep. immediately. If passes are issued for parents to go to your room while classes are in session, and the person is not accompanied by a supervisor, let the chapter leader know. and inform the office. PARENTS SHOULD NOT BE SENT TO YOUR ROOM UNESCORTED WHEN CLASS IS IN SESSION!!! These are safety violations. 

25. Anyone who did not receive full summer pay or who is returning from a leave should fill out a new health form (see secretary) as well as UFT Welfare fund and membership cards and a COPE card. In many instances the Bd. of Ed. will have removed you from its computer. 

26. TRANSFERRED CONTRIBUTOR: Teachers who had licenses or appointment revoked, and educational assistants who became teachers, must apply to TRS to become a TRANSFERRED CONTRIBUTOR to continue TRS membership. 

27. UFT HOTLINE: 212-777-0190 

28. UFT TEACHERLINE 1-718-329-1218 Tues/Weds/Thurs 3:30-5:30 or email TEACHERLINE@aol.com if you have UFT questions