Visitor Control

 1. The NYPD School Safety Division will assign a School Safety Agent (S.S.A.) to the main entrance. When a school’s SSA has not been assigned thereat, the Principal shall designate an appropriate alternative person to be stationed at the school’s main entrance. This person will follow the same visitor control procedures that the SSA must perform. The main entrance must be covered by a SSA or other appropriate staff person from the time the Custodian opens the building until the end of the school day.

2. A visitor entering the building will be required to provide at least one (1) item of valid photo identification (e.g. Driver’s License). The SSA or the staff member on duty at the main entrance will record the date, time, name and destination of the visitor in the Log Book. All visitors are required to sign their name next to the entry made by the SSA or staff person on duty. Log books must be maintained at the site for a period of three years. Signs should be posted at the main entrance informing visitors that they must stop at the desk to sign in and show photo identification. The signs should also inform visitors that failing to follow these guidelines may result in their removal from the building.

3. The visitor shall then be given a pass to the general office. At the general office visitors will be issued a second pass should they be going to other areas in the facility. Before issuing that second pass, the general office staff must confirm with the appropriate party that the visitor is expected.

4. The SSA or staff person at the main entrance will record the time of departure in the Visitor’s Log parallel to the initial entry for that visitor and collect all passes issued.

5. The SSA or staff person should make a periodic check of the Log Book to ensure that no one remains in the building for an unauthorized period of time. In such instance, it should be verified if the visitor(s) is still in the building. If the verification cannot be made, the Principal or security designee shall be notified for possible implementation of an intruder alert or search.

6. Any school, program or academy may employ additional procedures (above and beyond but not inconsistent with the procedures defined above) to log visitors into the building. For example, visitors may be issued color -coded passes  specific to floors in the building, or visitors may be escorted by staff or students to their destination.

The other schools/programs/academies do not have any special visitor log procedures.

7. Visitors who violate procedures regarding visits to schools, whose conduct jeopardizes the safety of students and staff, or interferes with programs in the school or endangers property are subject to immediate removal from the school by order of the Principal and possible arrest.

8. It is incumbent upon staff to be aware of visitors that do not have an appropriate pass for a designated area or have no visitor’s pass at all. Where feasible, staff should approach such persons and request that they return to the Main Office. Staff should then notify the Principal and the NYPD/SSA of the situation.