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How can I access staff members on EIS if I don't know their file numbers?

Access 14.1 from the main menu and use their Social Security numbers or last names and first initials.

Q. Why does someone who is newly appointed or newly assigned as a regular substitute, who started on the day after Labor Day, have additional money deducted from his/her regular gross on the first paycheck?

Pedagogues are paid on a bimonthly basis. They are paid for weekends and holidays. That is how the system is set up. The summer vacation ends with Labor Day. If the first day of school is on September 7 (for example), there will be six days pay deducted at the rate of 1/360 of the annual salary because the first six days of September are part of the summer vacation and that person is not entitled to those days if they are brand new to the school system.

Q. How can I tell staff members what salary step they are on, or if they are receiving a differential or longevity raise?

Access the EIS system at 9.2.1; enter the employee’s EIS # and press F9. This screen gives the service history, equated date, salary step, and differential code and longevity code. You can "print screen" and give it to them for future reference.

Q. Paychecks don’t always show all deductions. How can I get complete information on payroll deductions?

Access EIS at 13.3; enter the employee’s EIS #. There isn’t enough space on the pay stub to itemize more than a certain number of lines, so complete information can be found on the 13.3 screen.

Q. A staff member received an increase for salary differential (or credit for outside experience) and it included a lump sum amount for retroactive pay. How can I get a detailed explanation of how calculations were made?

Access EIS at 7.4.9; enter the employee’s EIS # and enter an "S" for pay cycle. There will be a display of how the increase was calculated. Use F8 to scroll. Print screen for each page, if needed.

Q. How can I find out how many preps (coverages) a teacher was credited with on a paycheck?

Access EIS at 11.1.6. This screen displays additions and deductions to gross salary each pay period.

Q. How can I check on a staff member's record of attendance?

Attendance can be accessed at 9.2.2.

Q. How can I check CAR balances?

The Payroll Secretary has a record of absences in each staff member's file. Access the EIS system at 9.3.3 to verify the balance. The paper record is the official document. If the computer balance does not match the paper record, the Payroll Secretary can initiate corrections.

Q. Going back and forth between screens in EIS is very time consuming. Is there a way I can access more than one screen at a time?

At present, the quickest route is to access 2.6 and enter the EIS #. Press F4 (window). From this menu, you can see service, salary history, and pay history screens. Print screen each one and you can then see all three at once.

Q. Who can borrow days?

Appointed pedagogues may borrow up to 20 days upon application. The employee must fill out an OP198R which states that the borrowed days constitute a debt to the Board of Ed and must be repaid either by earned days or payroll deduction. UFT Educational Paraprofessionals may borrow up to ten days by application to the Board of Ed.

Q. How do I put new staff on payroll?

The District/High School Superintendency is responsible for processing personnel on payroll. Check with them to find out the method the school should use to notify the Personnel Director that new staff are working in the school. Generally, a Personnel Transaction Form (PTF) is used.

Q. What forms will staff new to my school need to fill out?

-Application for Salary Steep Placement (when newly assigned as a substitute and again when newly appointed)
-Application for Salary Diffferential (iif eligible)
-Health Form ERB97 for all staff who arre eligible, Dependent Student Form if needed, and an F Status form if applicable. See current year Health & Welfare Memorandum
-OP85 for all staff (regulaar and subs)
-Emergency Card for in-schoool use
-Index Card with name, addrress, telephoone number, former school, and license.

Q. Are there any other forms that need to be filled out?

-Personnel Transaction formm forwarded tto District for placement on payroll
-Resumption of Service for pedagogical staff returning from a leave of absence without pay
-Reduction of Probationary Period for JJarema Credit/Traveling Tenure for Pedagogues
-Application for Teachers RRetirement Syystem or Board of Education Retirement System (as applicable).

Q. I am very confused about the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Can you help me understand it?

The Family Medical Leave Act is a federal law that provides all employees who meet certain requirements and are placed on approved leave with up to 12 weeks of continued health insurance coverage and a right to be restored to the same or equivalent position upon return from leave. For staff members whose health coverage would have previously terminated while on leave, the Family Medical Leave Act provides a tremendous quality of life benefit. As with all leaves, employees must be eligible and apply on the appropriate form and supply the necessary documentation. In addition, the employee must be provided with a "FMLA Notification to Employee" form. Read Personnel Memo, No. 54, 1995-96 for full details.

An EB1054 must be completed and forwarded to the Health and Welfare Unit at the Board to continue health coverage during the approved leave and a second EB1054 must be submitted to restore regular coverage upon the employee's return to active service.

Keep in mind that FMLA begins when the employee is absent from service due to one of the four qualifying FMLA events as outlined in the Memo. Therefore, if an employee is using CAR or borrowed days, grace period and then days without pay for one of the FMLA events, all of these absences would be considered part of the FMLA leave and must be counted toward the 12 week limit. Confusion exists because the Board of Ed has defined categories of leaves that we have become familiar with. For example, if a staff member takes maternity leave by using CAR/borrowed days and grace period and then days without pay, all of these absences would be considered a maternity leave as defined by the Board of Ed and a FMLA as defined by federal law. One leave does not replace the other; they are the same leave. That is what is meant by FMLA running concurrently with an employee's regular leave entitlement. Contact your Personnel Director to determine your district's procedure for processing leaves.

Q. What's the story with Line of Duty Injuries? How will I know if an application for a line of duty injury for pedagogical staff has been approved by medical?

Appropriate forms must be submitted to the Medial Division in order for absences to be approved as the result of an alleged line of duty injury. Please refer to Special Circular No. 32, 1989-90 for full details.

After the Comprehensive Accident Report and OP198 have been forwarded to the Medical Unit, access the Line of Duty Injury screen on EIS (9.3.5). The dates entered in timekeeping as 46PLD (pending line of duty) will appear with codes: A=approved;

D-disapproved; blank=pending. The medical unit will notify the school via letter to take appropriate action to reduce CAR or pay for days that are disapproved because EIS does not automatically process line of duty absences. If days are approved, no action needs to be taken because no time is lost.

*Note: Paras are not covered by line of duty policy as outlined in Special Circular No. 32. Refer to Personnel Memo No. 16, 1991-92 for these staff members.

Where can I find a job description of a payroll secretary? Are they supposed to also type letters for principal, do purchase orders answer telephones, etc. Thank you.

We have been using Special Circular #31 which has served as a job description for school secretaries for the past 20 years. This circular defines the duties of the school secretary. All secretaries (payroll or otherwise) can be required to do typing for the principal, purchase orders, answering phones, etc. It is part of the job. If you need a copy of this circular, send me an email:

Q. Re: FMLA. If a teacher/para needs to take an FMLA to care for a sick family member, can he/she use their CAR days? And, if yes, should those absences be entered as medical (41B)? If no and they need to go on an unpaid FMLA, are they still entitled to health coverage since they are going on this leave with CAR days available to them?

No, a teacher or para cannot use their CAR days for the care of a sick family member. CAR days are to be used for personal illness of the employee with the exception that three of those days can be used for personal business. They would apply for an unpaid FMLA for up to 12 weeks in a l2 month period and they would retain their health insurance for that time. Please refer to Personnel Memorandum No. 54, l995-96 for further instruction. If you need further help, contact us. Good luck! Jackie Ervolina

Many of the payroll secretaries I am in contact with are still very confused over the FMLA. What if a pedagogue has a number of days in his/her CAR and needs to care for a sick family member, can that person use their own sick days and if so should they be entered as 41B in the EIS system? Also, if you go on a FMLA for care of a sick family member, are you still entitled to health coverage if you have a number of days in their CAR? I've been told that a regularly appointed teacher is not entitled to health coverage if they go on a Leave of Absence for Child Care with days in their CAR. Is this correct? HELP!

Hi again. I've already answered the first few questions in my previous email to you. I will now address the question concerning child care leave. Generally, this is the sequence of events when an appointed teacher is going to have a baby. She may opt to take a leave of absence without pay for restoration of health (commonly called maternity leave) any time during the pregnancy. She may use all of her CAR days and may borrow up to 20 sick days in order to stay on payroll and get her paychecks as usual. After that, she will go on a grace period. During all of this time, she is considered to be in active status and is on payroll and earns days in her bank and retains her health insurance coverage. After the grace period, the teacher is on unpaid leave for restoration of health (what we call maternity leave) for up to six weeks after the baby is born for a routine pregnancy or eight weeks after a cesarean section birth. At that time, she must either return to service or go on an unpaid child care leave of absence for up to four years. Health insurance coverage continues for up to four months beyond the grace period and it is called Special Leave of Absence Coverage (SLOAC). Now to add another dimension to this story, we must remember that Maternity/Child Care is also a covered event under the Family Medical Leave Act (commonly called FMLA). For this appointed teacher, her health benefit under SLOAC for four months is greater than the 12 weeks worth of health insurance coverage she would get under FMLA. However, these leaves would be processed as both Board of Ed and FMLA leaves of absence. (Remember that FMLA is a federal law and is a real boon to many categories of staff who do not have the health benefits that we do.) And, all the time that she had taken off both in a paid and unpaid status for maternity/childcare is counted toward the l2 weeks of FMLA. If for some reason this teacher took child care leave after six weeks after the birth of the baby and had not used up her l2 weeks worth of FMLA, she would be entitled to take FMLA for child care and she would be entitled to health insurance coverage.

So, that's the answer. Clear as mud? If you read Personnel Memo # 54, l995-96 and the UFT pamphlet NOT FOR WOMEN ONLY, it may help. If not, contact your UFT Secretary Borough Coordinator (click on IN THE KNOW on the Sec'y. homepage for her name and number) for further instruction. Good luck! Jackie Ervolina

Are OP 198's required to be filled out for every single self-treated and medically certified absence?

An OP 198 need only be used when requested by the Principal for cases where sick leave cannot be entered and countersigned on the school record, i.e. the CAR. For example, a teacher who is absent for a self-certified illness need not fill out an OP l98 because that absence would be noted on her CAR card with her signature. In some cases, however, where there are several sites to a school as there are in District 75, an OP l98 is usually used for every absnece so that a record of the teachers's signature is available for each absence. When an absence is not self-certified, i.e., medically certified, illness must be certified by a physician in Section IV or by confidential medical report (OP 407).

Are per session vacancies posted on on the net? If so what is the address to view them? I tried to go into NYC Bd of ed to no avail.

Per session vacancies are not posted on the NYC Board of Ed net. Generally, these vacancy announcements are either generated by Central Board, by your district or for your own school's program and are posted in the schools.

Why doesn't brooklyn ask new employees what they want their tax status to be so it can reflect on their first pay check. I am a payroll secretary and am told that they automatically put single, zero dependants and if they want to change they have to fill out an OP 85. If they do not want single 0, a lot more money is taken out of their pay. If they were asked in the beginning this would not happen. Please let me know why this is not done. Thank you, Toni Ann, Secretary

OP85s are not given to new empoyees at Central Board nor or they given, generally, at the district offices when staff is first processed. The distribution of OP85s is done in schools for all new staff which may cause a lag in seeing the correct tax information on a paycheck due to the time it takes to forward and then process the paperwork at Central Board. Because of your question, the UFT is suggesting to Central Board that OP85s be distributed to new employees when they are processed. Thanks for the question.

Where would I find the new rules for differential and step increases for eligible members? I understand they have been revised. Thanks,Millie

Personnel Memorandum No. 14, 1999-2000 outlines the changes in Chancellor's Regulations on Salary including time limits on applying for full salary retroactivity for differentials and prior experience for step placement. If you cannot find a copy in school, call your Borough Secretary Coordinator or email UFTSECY for a copy.

Are you only permitted four (4) spending plan modifications per school year per quick code?

Hi CullinaneA, According to the Office of Budget Management at the Board, you are no longer limited to four spending modifications per year per quick code. In order to clarify regulations or to obtain further information, please call (718) 935-3256.

Hello! My W2 form was lost in the mail. Is there anyway I could obtain it by going to the office of payroll administration? Where is it located? I need to do my taxes before Monday (2/21) for I am leaving the country. Thank you in advance.

Call the Bd. of Ed. 24-hour W-2 hotline at 718-935-3889. You can leave a detailed message and they will respond to you. Refer to Chancellor's memo dated 1/18/2000 that went to all District Superintendents. The principal may have a copy.

If a per diem teacher covers a teacher who is absent for restoration of health for 30 consecutive days, what forms need to be processed to get this teacher paid at the higher rate? also, if a per diem is covering a vacancy for 30 consecutive days does this per diem receive the higher rate? what happens if the per diem has an absence after the 30 consecutive days, will he still be getting the higher rate of pay. if a doctor's note required to maintain the higher rate?

In order to get "Z" status the payroll secretary must fill out a request for approval to fill vacancy or long term absence with a per diem substitute (form BA/BUD-4006) which goes to the district personnel office. If a per diem works 30 consecutive days in the same position covering for the same absentee, he/she may be entitled to receive a daily rate of pay equivalent to 1/200 of the annual salary they would have been on if they were a regular sub but no higher than step 4A. There may not be a break in service. If Z status is approved, then the per diem will receive arrears on a future paycheck for the difference in rate. The payroll secretary must do an arrears payroll indicating the new status. Sick leave may be earned at the rate of 1 day for each month when work plus holidays equals 20 days. Sick leave usage requires a doctor's note.

If you need further help on this subject, call me at the Queens UFT on Thursdays, 4 to 6 pm.

Sheila Solow
Queens UFT Secretary Coordinator

I heard that payroll secretaries will be getting new payroll computers (which can still do pupil accounting, MS Word, etc.). Subs will have a card like a credit card and the payroll secretary will put it through a slot in the computer (much like a credit card) and check the eligibility of the sub. Can you tell me how soon we can expect these computers? Thank you.

There was an email that came from a district office notifying principals that a new computer on a rolling worktable will be placed in the schools that will enable subs to swipe a card so payroll secretaries could check eligibility. I don't have exact information on when they will be installed. I expect that it will be done on a district-by-district basis and could take a while to get to all the schools. When we have more complete information, we will get the word out to everyone. Keep checking our web site for updates. Thank you for the question.

Sheila Solow
UFT Queens Secretary Coordinator

Can you clarify: Does a pedagogue earn a sick day after the 16th of every month or is it at the end of every month which would occur after the last day?

Thank you for your question. Pedagogues earn a day in their CAR on the 16th of each month.

How is longevity calculated? I have a teacher who worked first as a sub, then was appointed under one license, then was appointed under and is now working under a different license. Which date is longevity accrued from? Also, can we do something about revising Circular 31? Its not the US Constitution after all, intended to be applicable for time immemorial. Times have changed, our duties have changed, we need our job description to change too. Thanks.

Re longevity: appointed pedagogues are eligible for longevity increments at the completion of 10, 13, 15, 18, 20, and 22 years of service in the NYC public school system regardless of license. The teacher who worked as a sub, then apointed under one license and then a second license will count all of that service towards longevity. As of September 16, 1998 longevity increases are given on anniversary date. Re: your second questions regarding Circular #31: we agree that this circular needs to be revised and we have been working on it. Just remember, we are always careful to protect our members' rights before we change anything.

I work in a high school and the question regarding seniority rights for per session summer school came up. What is the criteria for selection as to who has the right to the job? Also, some secretaries work at the school every other Wednesday during the summer. How is this determined who can work these Wednesdays?

The selection criteria for summer secretarial service in the high schools is outlined in our Contract: Article 7G2 (page 25-26). First the position must be offered to high school secretaries, both regularly appointed and regularly assigned subs, within that school; if the offer is not accepted by that school's secretaries, the principal may request secretarial assignment from applications on file in appropriate offices of the Board, in the following order of priorities: (a) High school secretaries, both regularly appointed and regularly assigned subs to their own school. (b) Regularly appointed high school scretaries to other high schools. (c) Regularly assigned high school substitute secretaries to other schools. (d) Regularly appointed junior high school secretaries. (e) Regularly assigned junior high school substitute secretaries. (f) Regularly appointed elementary school secretaries. (g) Regularly assigned elementary substitue school secretaries. (h) Per diem substitute secretaries who have worked in high schools. If you need a copy of the contract, or need to get more information, you can e-mail me at

What will be the salary rate for secretaries working the 2000 Summer Program. According to what I have read, they will be required to work a 8:30 to 1:30 day. Does this entitle them to the $132.93 summer rate or will they be paid the hourly persession rate. Thank you.

Hi dubartell1, In general, School Secretaries who work in summer school are working in advertised per session positions and are paid the current per session rate of $20.45. The number of hours worked depends on the requirements of that particular summer school program. However, School Secretaries performing summer service in the high schools on the specified days shall serve for six and one-half hours beginning at 9:00 a.m., exclusive of the lunch period. The current daily rate is $l32.93. Good luck!

Jackie Ervolina

My district (75) is requiring that the annual CAR report (Op 152) be submitted by June 14. Abiding by this deadline date will not only make the report inaccurate, as there are sure to be staff absences between 6/14 and 6/28, but will also necessitate most of the calculations for the rating reports be done by 6/14. This means that the rating report calculations will also have to be corrected according to staff absences, and it also places undue pressure on us at a time when early payroll closings and other year end activites make this a difficult time of year. Is there any way to push the deadline date closer to the end of the year?

You can give the district the CAR as of June 14 and let them know it does not include the day earned for June and any activity such as absences etc. will not be included in the report. Every June the rating sheets are prepared ahead of time because they must be given out before the end of the school year. Just date them as of 6/14 and leave it that way. Be sure the official CAR record is correct by June 28. The rating sheets will reflect numbers as of June 14th. Don't look for extra work. It's not necessary.

Sheila Solow, Queens UFT Secy. Coordinator

I am looking for a secretarial position for the summer. Are there any available?

Yes, in District 22 in Brooklyn. If you are interested, please contact Evelyn Berg at the Bronx UFT office at (718)379-6200 immediately.

Jackie Ervolina

Can a School Scretary on a leave of absence or out of the job for health problems, apply for a per session job posted during her leave of absence? The due date to apply for the job happened during the leave of absence.

Hi Apine523, Chancellor's Regulation Personnel, C l75, states "Employees on approved Leaves of Absence may not work without permission." The employee would have to request permission from the Board.

Jackie Ervolina

How are salary steps calculated once a person is appointed? According to the contract an appointed person can receive five years of salary credit for all satisfactorily approved substitute service. If a person was hired in 1993 as a per diem sub and became a regular sub in 1994 and was approved for outside experience and was placed on salary step 4A - this person was a regular sub for five or more years before passing her secretarial test - performance and oral - and became appointed -- what salary step would she be placed on? According to the contract a newly appointed secretary can be placed on any step up to 6A - so how does this secretary receive salary credit for the five years?

Hi again,At the time of appointment, the secretary would fill out a step placement application again noting all previous sub-secretarial and outside experience. She would hand deliver or overnight express the application to the step placement unit at the Board. Her experience would be evaluated by a step placement counselor and a certificate of salary status would be issued noting her new step (if applicable) and equated date for future salary step advancement. She could not be appointed higher than step 6A. She would then advance salary steps twice a year: once on her equated date and once on March l.

Jackie Ervolina

I would like some information on salary step credit. If a person started as a per diem secretary in 1993 and became a regular substiute in 1994 and submitted forms and was placed on Salary Step 4A for outside experience and continued as a regular sub for the next five or six years before passing the performance and oral examination and become appointed what salary step would she be placed on? According to the contract she would receive salary credit for each of the five years satisfactory sub work but according to the contract also a newly appointed secretary cannot be placed above step 6A - so how does a secretary get credit for the five years? What credit would she get - would she get only from 4A to 6A?

Hi CS1, All prior experience considered, a newly appointed secretary can be appointed no higher than step 6A.

Jackie Ervolina

How do they figure an appointed secretaries equated date? Is it when you first started working for the board or is outside experience time added?

Hi csl, For pedagogues, including School Secretaries, the date on which you are appointed is your anniversary date. At the time of your appointment, a step placement application is completed on which all prior substitute and outside experience is noted. This prior experience is evaluated by the Board and a Certificate of Salary Status is issued to you. The certificate will note the step on which you are appointed which can be higher than step lA if you are credited with prior service and will give you an equated anniversary date. This is the date on which you will go up a step along with the March 1 step. All pedagogues should fill out a step placement application when they begin service with the Board, even as an occasional sub, because if they have creditable prior experience they may be granted steps and will be entitled to the higher salary if they procure a regular or "F" status position. Keep in mind that this does not pertain to per diem subs who are paid a flat daily rate.

Jackie Ervolina

With all the duties of a payroll sec'y, how do you keep up with entering the absences into the computer? I am always atleast one month behind. Thanks

Hi Rubytuesl, Your question is a universal one and the answer can be different depending on the person to whom you are speaking. In my experience, I have found that those Secretaries who have a "system" seem to be able to keep on top of their timekeeping duties. A "system" can include: efficient sign-in staff attendance sheets, accurately kept attendance work sheets for Q, E, etc. bank payrolls, adherence to a time schedule for entering absences in the CAR book as well as in the computer, e.g. every Friday. Mark your calendar and stick to your schedule. Most people are quite understanding when you say that you have to finish the payroll. I always recommend that School Secretaries take a payroll "P" or in-service course. Even if you are a seasoned Secretary, you can always pick up a "tip" you can use or a new way of doing your job from the instructor or fellow students. Taking a course is also a good way to keep abreast of changing payroll and personnel policies. If you need further information, don't hesitate to ask.

Jackie Ervolina

What is the starting date for spending teacher's choice money? I want to start shopping for school before the rushes and want valid receipts. Thanks.

Teacher's Choice purchases for the 2000-01 school year may be made between August 1, 2000 and March 1, 2001. Be sure to get receipts for your purchases because you will have to submit them attached to your documentation form. Staff eligible to participate in the Teacher's Choice Program will receive complete instructions in their Teacher's Choice handbooks which will arrive in schools sometime in the fall.

Jackie Ervolina

How many years of service must a lic. school secretary have worked in order to take health benefits with her. At what point does one calculate the date from?

Hi PUnroch, Pedagogues, including School Secretaries, are entitled to health insurance coverage when they retire. Pedagogues may retire who are 55 or older and have completed five years of consecutive appointed service. May I suggest that you contact a pension consultant at any UFT Borough office, or better still, make a pension consultation appointment with a UFT pension advisor for a more complete understanding of your retirement entitlements.

Good luck!
Jackie Ervolina

I am a payroll secretary who is moving to from Manhattan to Riverdale and would like to transfer to a school closer to home. Are there any postings I could check for vacancies? Thanks.

Hi Willfenn, School Secretaries have several options when considering transferring to another school. The SBO (School-Based Option) transfer plan and the UFT Seniority Transfer plan materials are delivered to schools in the Spring. Hardship transfers are explained in the Seniorty Transfer plan. There are also Administrative Transfers which require that you be requested by a superintendent and released by your current superintendent. The postition you fill would have to be listed on the seniority transfer plan for the following year and someone with the proper qualifications could apply and you could be excessed. I would suggest that you obtain a copy of the UFT pamphlet entitled, "A Guide To Transfers" from your borough's UFT office for a more in-depth explanation of these transfers. Also, you might want to retrieve last school year's transfer plans from the file and read the instructions so that become familiar with procedures. You may also want to call your borough's UFT Secretary Coordinator for more information. Good luck!

Jackie Ervolina

I am a regular sub (secretary). Am I entitled to the contract increase twice a year or do I have to be appointed with my license? Thanks.

Hi Azarobin, A regular substitute school secretary's salary can increase by: salary steps, differentials, and contractual raises. It sounds as though you are questioning your steps. According to Board of Education regulation and the Contract, regular substitute school secretaries will advance to the next step in the salary schedule upon completion of each full year of regular substitute service and on March 1 of each such year but not beyond step 4A of the salary schedule.

Jackie Ervolina

What happens to an appointed teacher who does not meet the full requirements of their (conditional) license and an extension from the state has been denied? Are we informed of this change? Thank you.

Hi MPascu9477, The State Department of Education notifies the New York City Board of Education. Both the State and the City will notify the applicant. When an extension is denied to a New York City teacher, the Board recinds their regular license and they revert to step 4A for the following year (the highest you can attain as a substitute. The School Secretary is not notified except by the teacher who is generally in a state of panic. Suggest that they call a salary representative at their local UFT office when they are first notified. Sometimes an extension can be arranged if there are compelling reasons, e.g. health issues, etc.

Jackie Ervolina

I just received my conditional license and I have five years to complete the 30 semester hours of college courses including 6 semester hours of courses in education and school records & accounts and 2 sememster hours of collegiate study in human relations. Where do I get information concerning the time frame for the completion of the 6 semester hours in courses of education, etc. I was told by another secretary that they think the 6 semester hours have to be completed in 18 months, is that true? Where can I find this information?

Hi CS1, The information regarding minimum and maximum requirements regarding licensure is contained in the Examination Announcement for License as School Secretary that you received when you first applied to take the exam. The six credits in education and School Records and Accounts is included in the 30 credits applicants must complete within the five years in order to meet their maximum requirements for their license.

Good luck!
Jackie Ervolina

Under what situations does a withdrawal of resignation form have to be done? I have teachers who have worked and then resigned and now wish to come back. The Bureau of Salary Step and Differentials says that a "Withdrawal of Resignation" form must be sent to them. Is this true? Rubytues1

Hi Ruby, A "Withdrawal of Resignation or Retirement" form must be filled out for pedagogues who resign or retire and want to return to service into a pedagogical position. After research of the information provided on the form by the Salary Step and Differential Unit, the employee will be returned to his/her former step but no higher than step 4A if currently accepting a substitute position. Neglecting to submit the "Withdrawal" form may result in the employee being placed on the first salary step when he/she returns to service.

Jackie Ervolina

What are our responsibilities regarding 12 month Principal/AP recordkeeping of their annual leave (27 days) on EIS or CAR? Please explain how this is done? We were never given instructions or training in this matter.

Rose Ann Goldberg for Felice Brenner

Hi, Principals and APs now accrue days in two different categories. They accrue days of annual leave (27 per year) AND they accrue 12 days per year for personal illness in their CAR. Personal business and religious observance days must be charged to annual leave using event code 79000.

An accrual of 2.25 days of annual leave will be automatically credited on the l6th of each month for a total of 27 per year while the Principal/AP is in active status. Annual leave cannot be carried over from year to year. In addition, they earn sick days at the rate of one per month on the 16th for a total of 12 for the year. So, practically speaking, you would still keep a paper CAR for recording their abscenses due to illness and non-attendance as you have in the past. You would also keep track of their annual leave usages on the form provided by Central Board or on a form provided by your District or on a form that you have devised. Of course, you would continue to key in absences both for annual leave, including personal business and religious observance as well as for personal illness. If you need further information, refer to Payroll Memorandum #17, 2000-01 and Personnel Bulletin dated November 3, 2000 and Payroll Administration Memo #13, 2000-0l. You may also call your Borough's Secretary Coordinator after 3:30 at your Borough UFT office for direction. Good luck.

Jackie Ervolina

Dear Jackie,

Please let me know if there will be any training for new Payroll secretaries this spring or in the summer. I need training on EIS, parts 1 and 2.

Also, is there any manual available for new payroll secretaries telling them what forms need to be submitted for various situations.

Thank you! Handee4

Dear Handee4, Yes, Professional credit courses are being offered this Spring in payroll/personnel entitled "Working with School Staff: the EIS system." Also, we expect that the Board will continue our 4-day Summer Institute for Newly Assigned School Secretaries in August. This training offers workshops offered by Board of Ed personnel as well as hands-on workshops offered by experienced School Secretaries. Pedagogic and non-pedagogic payroll units have available very helpful booklets as does Health and Welfare and the Line of Duty unit. Their people bring the booklets to the Summer Institute for the participants. If you want copies now, give them a call. If you would like to attend the Summer Institute, fax a request to the Brooklyn UFT office (852-9891)to my attention. Hope to see you there.


I find the EIS system very limited. Was it set up this way on purpose, or are we as secretaries limited to what we can access? I did pupil accounting for many years and found ATS to be a much better system. I would like to be able to print out reports which is not possible (as far as I know), such as daily attendance keyed in, monthly preps, etc. As it is now, I need to do a print screen and physically cut and paste which is very time consuming. Only the per diem system allows you a list of tranactions performed on that day. I would like to see something similar for EIS. Any suggestions?

Yes, I agree. ATS is very much more user friendly when it comes to generating reports. The reason it is is very simple to understand. In the early stages of programming the ATS system, the Board and the UFT formed a committee to discuss how to make the programs helpful for the Secretaries out in the field who used them every day. The improvements to the ATS system were a direct result of the input we Secretaries had in determining how the system should work. The same situation did not exist for EIS to the extent that it did for ATS. In other words, we Secretaries were not given the opportunity to design the system as we did with ATS. Of course, we are always willing to assist the Board in making our jobs easier, however, we cannot force the Board to take our suggestions. If you have suggestions on how to improve the EIS system, please let me know. I will certainly try to work with the Board to make the system more helpful to all of us.

Jackie Ervolina

Re: The EIS System

Here are some of my suggestions:

1. Sort options (you can sort by teacher name)
2. Reports (a report for paid preps, medical absences or Self Treated, etc)of course sorted by teacher or date
3. For Intermediate schools where secretaries key in 2 missed preps per teacher per day - scan sheets similiar to the children's attendace sheets would be helpful. I know a secretary that keyed in hundreds of preps.
4. Ability to enter attendance daily (similar to PDPS system). I like to enter payroll daily. It is sometimes worse to go back and enter three days of payroll.
5. Daily absent report (similar to PDPS).

Thank you for your help in making our voices heard.

Hi Stefnik, I think your suggestions are great and I will pass them along to the Board. I love the scan sheet idea. Keep those good ideas coming in--that's the way we get the Board to change.


How many years must a permanent, appointed secretary work before he/she is elibible for pension?

Hi Again, The answer to your question is different in different situations. Please call your local UFT office after 3:30 once school begins and speak to a pension advisor. He/she will be glad to answer your questions regarding pension.

Is it true that Paraprofessional are intitled to ten sick days, one for each month and two personal days within their sick days? The Paras need to know.

Hi jkim618, UFT Educational Paras earn 10 days in their sick bank per school year. Regardless of the amount of days accumulated, a para can use a maximum of 10 self-treated days per school year. The 11th self-treated will be automatically deducted from pay. Of course, if there are more days available, they may be used as medically certified. However, there is a further restriction on how they can use their days. Paras can take a maximum of five self-treated days per term and no more than three consecutive self-treated days at a time. Again, they can use more days, if available, as medically treated (with a doctor's note). A maximum of three personal business days per school year is allowed which are considered among the 10 self-treated days. Any others entered into the system will be automatically deducted from pay. Please refer to your EIS Timekeeping User Guide for further information.

Regarding the EIS system: A generated report broken down quarterly for income verification. Many staff members are involved with some type of government housing programs and need quarterly forms filled out on their income. Presently there is no way to do this with totals given per quarter.

I will pass on your good suggestion to EIS. Until such time that EIS makes the information available, divide annual salary by four to verify income whether for the Housing Authority or any other establishment that is requesting information in writing on official letterhead.

Where can I get a form to enroll in the TDA?

Anytime that you need a form or informtion regarding TRS or TDA, call 1-888-8NYCTRS You may speak to a representative if you have questions or need information.

I have a social worker who has been out due to cancer treatments. She has exhausted her CAR and we have teachers and paras who are interested in donating CAR days to her. I have the form but I don't know what the next step is. Who gets the form and how do the CAR days get into the system?

The forms are signed and they are kept in the school files. The payroll secretary must calculate the time and adjust the CAR. Keep in mind that the person donating the time loses two days for each one donated.

I have a school aide who recently became a secretary. she left approx. 183 hours in her sick bank as a school aide. how can i get these hours converted from her e-bank to her q-bank c.a.r.? would the conversion of c.a.r. days for an ed para to a teacher become automatic?

The Bureau of Non-Pedagogic Payroll requires a form entitled,"Request for Leave Balance Conversion or Transfer of CAR" that the payroll secretary will fill out for the employee. Fax it to the number on the bottom of the form.

Can you take a leave of absence without pay if you are not appointed? I have a regular sub (BOE entry date 9/29/99)at my school (PPT)who just received her license and is now a CPT. She handed in a letter of resignation making her last day 1/31/03. However, she has inquired whether she might be eligible to take a leave of absence. She has not been appointed. I called payroll at 65 Court Street, and was unable to get an answer. Any information you might be able to give me would be helpful. Thank you.

Department of Education leaves of absence can only be granted for appointed personnel. However, if the sub fulfills the eligibility requirement for a Family Medical Leave (which is a federal law) for personal illness, maternity/childcare, or care of sick family member, she may be eligible for a 12 week leave without pay. Her health insurance would stay intact and she would be entitled to return to work. Suggest that she call a Salary Representative immediately at the UFT after 3:30 p.m. for help.

I have recently received my 60 credits and will be applying for my 1st differential. Just received a call from another secretary that the procedure has been changed. You now have to send the application along with the certificates to your district or sups office for review and then they forward it to Court Street. Also, there will be no more walk-ins at Court Street. Have you been informed about this new procedure? Please advise because I do not want all my paperwork to go astray.

As of February, 2003,the procedure for submitting applications for salary step placement and differentials are as follows: applicant hand delivers the application with all documentation attached to the District office's Certification Specialist. The CS will check the application for transcripts and signatures but will not check the application further. The CS will give the applicant a receipt. The CS will forward applications on a weekly basis to the DOE. The applicant may also mail the application to the DOE (overnight express). Lack of personnel prohibit the DOE from taking walk-ins. Please suggest that members call the UFT if they need help in filing for prior experience or differentials. A UFT Salary Representative will help the member.

I have 25 years of secretarial experience working in nursing homes, public relations firms, etc. I would like to know what skills/schooling aree necessary to work as a secretary in a school. Thanks.

In order to obtain a School Secy's. license, you need a high school diploma and two years of paid, full time secretarial experience. You must pass an examination in essay writing, use of computer, stenograpy and transcription, knowledge of proper grammer, spelling, sentence structure, etc. Also, you must pass an oral interview. If you would like further information,email me with your name and address and I will mail you a packet.

Should secretaries be paid per session for entering per session time for teachers, outside of regular school hours?

Yes, of course secretaries should be paid to do per-session related work on other than their regular school hours and be paid per-session wages to do it. Dosen't everyone else get paid to do per-session work when they perform per-session duties? However, that is not what happens in every instance. Let your school's Chapter Leader know if you are asked to do per-session related work during your regular school day. Perhaps, he/she can persuade your Principal to treat the secretaries as fairly as the rest of the staff when it comes to per-session work. Of course, you must be your own advocate in this instance by letting the Principal and any others who are involved in budgeting know that there should always be money budgeted for the secretary to do per-session work, if necessary.