Q: Is my salary something that a school’s Human Resources Committee and/or principal should be considering when evaluating my candidacy for a vacant position?

A: Salary should not be a consideration, but the union is concerned that Chancellor Klein’s weighted student funding formula will have a negative impact on transfer opportunities for senior teachers.

Indeed, this year over the union’s objection, the DOE is asking teachers (and others) to list their salary on the application form.

Currently, the school system funds teacher salaries so they do not affect a school’s budget.

The new formula will be phased in so that schools will be held harmless for at least one year for the salaries of the teachers already on staff but starting immediately, each school will be charged the actual salary of new hires and teachers who transfer into the school.

The UFT is concerned that this system will create a disincentive to hire senior teachers through the Open Market Transfer Plan.

The union has already filed a grievance on these grounds.

If its concerns are confirmed, the union also plans to file a civil rights lawsuit on the grounds that the new funding scheme encourages age-biased hiring.

Q: What can I do if I believe I was denied a transfer based on my age, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, handicapping condition or union activity?

A: You should consider filing a grievance citing a violation of Article Two (“Fair Practices”) of the collective-bargaining agreement. 1