School Seniority

Article Twenty-EightóDefinitions

Where applicable herein "seniority in the school" shall be determined by the number of years of continuous service in the school as a regularly appointed teacher and as a regular substitute teacher. In the case of teachers who were excessed into the school, continuous service in the school shall include in addition the number of years of continuous regular and regular substitute service in the previous school.
Continuity of service shall not be deemed to be interrupted by absence determined to be due to illness, accident or injury suffered in line of duty or by time spent in military service, the Peace Corps or VISTA, or by layoff or leave without pay.

There are a variety of seniority provisions for teachers generally governed by state law.
For purposes of layoffs and excessing, seniority is by tenure* in a license area.
Seniority for excessing and layoff purposes is determined by length of service in the school system within the teacherís current license, and thus is citywide seniority.
For purposes of calculating years of service, a teacher may add years spent teaching in a previous license as well as years spent working as a teacherís aide, educational assistant or other paraprofessional* represented by the teachersí union onto the years spent teaching in her or his current license.
For example, if an employee began working for the schools as a paraprofessional, then later obtained a teaching license in math, and still later changed her or his teaching license area to science, all the previous years she or he spent working within the school system would be added together to determine seniority once he or she had obtained tenure in science.