Per Diem Payroll
 Per Diem Payroll

The Per Diem Payroll is a positive payroll for service rendered on a per diem (daily) basis. It is a semi-monthly payroll processed by the employee’s timekeeper/payroll secretary. Payroll checks are distributed via Direct Deposit or mailed directly to the employee’s home. Daily rates are contractual and F Status and Z Status rates are based on the employee’s salary step and differentials up to step 4A. Direct Deposit is available to all Pedagogues on the Q-Bank, Per Diem and Per Session Payroll. Each Payroll requires a separate enrollment. If you are a regular teacher and work per session you must complete a Direct Deposit Enrollment for each payroll.

Types of Per Diem Service
Per Diem service refers to licensed pedagogic personnel serving on a day to day basis in a school and/or any of its programs. Employees serving on a Per Diem basis are commonly referred to as substitute teachers. The categories of service paid on the Per Diem Payroll include:

Occasional Per Diem
A teacher assigned on a day by day as needed basis to fill occasional vacancies due to a teacher absence. This employee is paid at a fixed rate for each day of service.

Long-Term Per Diem (Z-Status)
An Occasional Per Diem teacher who works 30 or more consecutive days in the same position covering the same absence becomes a long-term Per Diem teacher. This individual receives salary at 1/200th of the salary step (up to step 4A) that would be entitled on a full time basis, instead of the occasional daily rate.

Non-attendance benefits are not available. Sick leave is earned at the rate of one (1) day for each calendar month in which per diem employment with legal holidays equal or exceeds twenty (20) days.  This applies to "F" and "Z" Status service. After serving sixty (60) full days, the long-term per diem teacher will earn three (3) vacation days and for each twenty (20) days thereafter one (1) additional day is earned up to a maximum of 9 vacation days.

Full/Part-Time (F-Status)
A per diem employee engaged for a full term but for less than 5 full days per week (e.g., 2 days every week). The Full/Part Time employee receives a salary pro-rated for the time worked at 1/200th of the salary step (up to step 4A) that would be entitled on a full time basis.

This payroll for a per diem employee is generated semi-monthly for the prior month’s service. Checks are distributed via Direct Deposit or mailed to the employee’s home address. Inquiries concerning payment should be referred to the school secretary/timekeeper or the Regional Operations Center (ROC) where the service was performed.

This Informational Chart outlines of all that is presented above and will assist individuals working on a per diem basis to understand the fringe benefits, if any, that are afforded them. 1