Occasional Per Diem Substitute    (Day-to-Day Substitute Teachers)

Experienced teachers wishing to serve as day-to-day substitute teachers must be nominated for an Occasional Per Diem Certificate (OPDC) by a principal or Regional Operation Centers to serve on a day-to-day basis only. (All day-to-day substitutes must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.)

The person holding an OPDC is known as a day-to-day substitute or Occasional Per Diem teacher who may serve in any New York City public school at any grade level and in any subject area. Employment is not restricted to a particular region. Individuals serving as Occasional Per Diem teachers do not receive benefits and are paid per diem contractual salary rate only for actual days worked.

If an Occasional Per Diem teacher exceeds forty days of substitute service in one school year, the teacher is required to take six credits of professional education courses unless all education requirements have been satisfied. These courses must be in accordance with an OPD Education Plan that is created as part of the process of obtaining an OPDC. Completion of the six credits of professional education by August 31st (of the school year in which the forty days was exceeded) is required for renewal of the OPDC for the following school year.