Is my paycheck right?
Aug 10, 2005 1:28 AM
Don’t assume that delays and errors are normal. There are steps you can take and, if necessary, ways to fight the system. And the UFT will show you how. Here are some common situations:

You are not getting paid at all
.  First, make sure you have a file number. Without one, you will not be placed on payroll. Then, check with your school secretary if you are on payroll. It generally takes one pay period (two weeks) to get a newly hired teacher on the payroll. If you need an emergency check before a regular check arrives, see your chapter leader for instructions.

You are not getting paid for a differential or prior service.
  Remember that you must apply for these salary enhancements. So check that you have sent in the appropriate application forms and all required documentation. If your application is in, it will take a bit of time to see the increase in your paycheck. But the increase should not take inordinately long to get and, if your application was on time, you should receive any retroactive money owed you.
Serious delays and foul-ups in getting paid correctly are fewer these days because the UFT secured passage of a state law requiring the city to pay you what you are due in a timely fashion or owe you 6 percent interest on any late payments. As a result, a huge backlog of applications for differentials and other salary enhancements — which once went back several years — has been almost eliminated and the foot-dragging has ceased.
If you think your paycheck is incorrect, see your school payroll secretary and report the problem to your chapter leader. For further help, call your UFT borough office and ask to speak to a salary representative.
One more thing: Complete an Application for Salary Step Placement when you start working if you are newly appointed and/or if you are claiming salary credit for prior teaching experience. This form establishes your correct starting work date, salary step and earnings. Make a copy for your records of this and any other forms you submit to the city’s Department of Education.