The E-Bank Payroll Handbook 81 Adjustments to Your Paycheck S E C T I O N 2 A nnual  employees  earn  one (1) sick leave  day  for every month in which they are in service at least 16 calendar days.  The maximum number of sick leave days  earnable  in  a  school  year  is  10  (from  September  to June).    Employees  who  work  in  the  summer  earn  two  (2) additional  sick  leave  days.  Employees  may  use  sick  leave  earned  and  be paid if they meet the following rules: Self-Treated Absences Employees  cannot  use  more  than  three (3) consecutive self-treated sick days.  The fourth (4th) would result is an Absence WithOut Pay - AWOP. Employees cannot use more than five (5) self-treated sick days in a five- (5) month period  (from  September  through  January  and  from  February through June).  The sixth (6th) would result in an AWOP. Employees cannot use more than ten (10) self-treated days in a 10-month period.  Any days in excess of 10 will result in AWOPS. Personal Business Days Annual employees are entitled to use three (3) sick leave days for personal business during the school year.  Please note however, that the three days cascade to self-treated.   That  is,  if  three  (3)  personal  business  days  are used, then the employee can only use seven (7) self-treated days during the school year. Medically Certified Absences Medically  certified  absences  are  without  limit  as  long  as  the  Cumulative Absence  Reserve  (CAR)  balance  permits.   Absences  exceeding  the  CAR balance result in AWOPS. Back | TOC | Next 1