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The Top 10 Things You Did Not Learn in College About Teaching


Classroom Management Techniques

Why Unions Are Good

DOE:-Guilty Even if Found Otherwise Mulgrew Response

Welcome Back Information: 2015-2016 School year

Miscellaneous Info

Paras: Permanent Job Security

UFT Contracts 2014
Step 2 Timeline Updated


Prep Periods Not Movable Union Wins Faculty Conference Arbitration Appeals Court Backs Teacher for Per Session Job & Pay
37.5 minutes Not a Teaching Period Letter in File Time Limit 37.5 minutes-Extra Students Mean Extra Pay
UFT Sues Tweed for Age Discrimination Excessive Absences Arbitration Ruling School Secretaries Win Arbitration
Hardship Transfers Corporal Punishment Chanc. Reg revised Sec. Duties Done by Others
Dress Code Dress Code (Pantelis) Dress Code NYS Law
ProfessionalPeriod-Split Assignment IEP Conference on Prep Period Guidance/Soc. Worker Excessing Order
Paras & Progressive Discipline Holy Thursday Related Service Providers/Coverages
Guidance/SAVE Room No Time Clocks for Paraprofessionals Surfing Web Okay
24 School Closings ATR Grievance Settlement

What Has The Union Ever Done For Us? You and the U.F.T. Edwize Q & A on the Issues Paras & No Child Left Behind

This newsletter is dedicated to informing UFT members about educational events and contractual rights.


School Calendar 2015-2016


Absence & Lateness Part1 Absence & Lateness Part2 Absence & Leaves for Paras
Absent Teacher Reserve Appointed
Bloodborne Diseases Behavioral Contracts Breaking Up Fights
C-30 Procedure Certification for New Teachers Certification (2)
Chancellor's Regulations Child Abuse: Who Should/How to Report Citywide Standards of Discipline
Class Size Procedures Collaborative Team Teaching Conflict of Interest Law
Corporal Punishment Dental Benefits/Payments Dental Tips
Death of a Spouse Death in the Family Death of a Retiree
Decisions of The Commissioner of Education Dept. of Ed. Site Map Donating C.A.R. Days
D.O.E. Calendars D.O.E. Forms Dependent Health Coverage 2015
Direct Deposit Disability--Short Term Disruptive Students & the Name Game
Disruptive Child-Handling Day to Day Substitutes Drug Q & A (UFT)
Drug Program-(UFT) Evaluations of Staff Excessing NY Teacher 6/17/10
Excessing = No-Layoffs Excessing: 17B Rule 1 Excessing: NY Teacher 4/10/08
First things first for first-year teachers Family Medical Leave Act Forms from School Secretary
More Frequently Used Forms
Grievances Enforce the Contract GHI What If Your Grievance Is Denied?
Highly Qualified Defined ILOD Investigatory Interview
Incident Report-(UFT Safety Dept. ) ILOD Info/Forms: Teachers & Paras Injury in the Line of Duty and Assaults
Know Your Rights!! Know Your Rights #2!! Know Your Rights
Lesson Plans-Collecting Letter In File Removal Lingo-(UFT & Dept. of Ed.)
Long Term Substitute Teacher Lunch: 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. NYS Law Mailboxes
Maternity & Child Care Leaves Child & Maternity Care Leave Rights Maternity Leave Info
Medicare Info Medicare Part B Refunds Medicare Eligible-Now What?
Meet Your Chapter Leader New Member Handbook New Hiree Info
New Teacher checklist Retiree Optional Rider Refund Non-Attendance & Absence Forms
Parking Agreement The Para and the UFT Observations
"Paras & Faculty Conferences Paras Have Permanent Job Security Paras: Improper Assgnment
Parent Letter (Discipline Code) Payroll Training Handbook Paraprofessional Absences
Parking Payroll (UFT-FAQ) Is My Paycheck Right?
Phone Numbers (UFT) Bloodborne Pathogens Per Diem Pay
Who Gets the Per Session Job Per Session Per Session Rules Oct. 2010
PA/PTA Nominations & Elections Prep Periods Not Movable Project Read-Court of Appeals Decision
Rating Pedagogical Staff Reasons Why the Board of Ed. Has Failed Red Apple Guide to UFT Benefits
Red Apple-InService Booklet Reorganization/Preferences RETIREE SERVICES
Rubber Room Rules Rubber Room Agreement 4/15/2010 Safety Plan Updating, Concerns, & Committee
School Leadership Team Safety Complaint Form Safety Plan Checklist
Safety Forms-D.O.E./UFT Salary Info Links How to Read a Salary Chart
Salary Inquiry Form (UFT) Duties of a School Secretary School Seniority & Excessing
School Leadership Team Step 1 Form S.H.I.P.
School Based Options Spending of SLT Funds Special Ed. Grievance Form
Teachers' Center (UFT) Taylor Law Q&A (UFT) Transfer Plan-"Open Market"
Transfers & School Funding TDA Program Summary Tenure
What is Tenure Transfer Denied? Trips & the IEP paras
Triborough Doctrine Veterans Day Visitor Control Procedures
Welfare Fund-(UFT) Workers' Compensation Workers' Compensation Part 2
Workers' Compensation Forms


Volume1 Number 3 Nov. 20, 2006-History of the UFT Volume1 Number 2 October 20, 2006-Letters in File Volume1 Number 1 June 11, 2006-Kids Who Won't Try

Personnel Memorandums

PM #4 2002-03 D.O.E. Policy on ILOD PM #1 2005-06 Released Time PM #51 1997-98 Reasonable Accomodation for Disabilities
PM #56 1992 Employment Relationship with Family Member Principal's Guide to UFT Contract PM #5 2005-06 Sabbatical
PM #38--Info for survivors of deceased Sp. Circ 16 1990-91 Bereavement Leave PM#5--Paid Leave for Prostate/Breast Cancer screening

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