U.S. 199th Light Infantry Brigade

The 199th Infantry Brigade (Light) was a major combat unit of the United States Army serving in the Vietnam War. The brigade was formed at Fort Benning, Georgia in 1966. Nicknamed "the Redcatchers", the 199th LIB was hastily moved to Song Be, Vietnam in December, 1966 to provide an increased U.S. presence in the III Corps Tactical Zone and remained there until its return to Fort Benning in October, 1970, where it was inactivated.

The brigade was conducting Operation Uniontown in Bien Hoa Province when the 1968 Tet Offensive began. It immediately began a defense of U.S. II Field Force headquarters at Long Binh and the Bien Hoa Air Base against attacks by the 275th Viet Cong Regiment. One battalion was moved by helicopter to attack a Viet Cong command post at the Phu Tho racetrack inside Saigon, then engaged in house-to-house fighting in Cholon.

During 1969 the 199th was responsible for the security of the region north and east of the capital, and in 1970 moved into the "Iron Triangle" when other units participated in the Cambodian Incursion.
*Units assigned to the 199th Infantry Brigade (Light):
**2d Battalion, 3d Infantry
**3d Battalion, 7th Infantry
**4th Battalion, 12th Infantry
**5th Battalion, 12th Infantry
**2nd Battalion, 40th Artillery
**7th Support Battalion
***Troop D, 17th Cavalry (Armored)
***Company F, 51st Infantry (Long Range Patrol)
***Company M, 75th Infantry (Ranger)
***87th Engineer Company
***313th Signal Company
*Casualties# 754 Killed in Action# 4,679 Wounded in Action